Rejuran S (Rejuran Scar)

Rejuran S (Rejuran Scar) is similar to Rejuran Healer as it contains PolyNucleotides (PN) that help to repair damaged cells and stimulate the production of collagen. Comparatively, Rejuran S is thicker in consistency and is a more concentrated version of Rejuran healer. This makes it specially suited for acne scars as it helps to ‘fill’ up the scars and more importantly, stimulate the production of collagen for continued improvement of the appearance of the acne scars over the next few weeks after treatment.

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What kind of scars can Rejuran S be used for?

All types of scars including boxcar scars, ice pick scars and rolling scars.

Frequently Asked Questions

3-5 treatment sessions are recommended, with an interval of 4 weeks between each treatment.

It is done similarly to Rejuran Healer.

First, numbing cream is applied for about 30-45minutes. After cleansing off the numbing cream, small amounts are injected into the scar areas. Thereafter, we will ‘massage’ the areas treated as they can be bumpy but will resolve within a week. There is a risk of bruising and needle marks – these will subside within a week.

Rejuran S can be done on its own, but Dr Samantha highly recommends to do it in combination with other treatments such as fractional CO2 laser, subcision, microneedling radiofrequency(RF) and pico-resurfacing. A combination of treatments done at appropriate intervals yields the best results.

Dr Samantha will assess your skin, the type of scars you have, consider the amount of downtime you are agreeable for, and other factors before recommending you a suitable treatment course. Treatment of acne scars typically require regular treatment sessions and improvement will be seen over the course of a few months.

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