About Nexus

About Nexus Aesthetics

Nexus Aesthetic Clinic is a medical aesthetic clinic that provides evidence-based non-surgical quality aesthetic treatments at affordable prices to help our patients achieve their desired goals safely and with minimal downtime. It is founded by Dr Samantha Tay after years of experience in the medical aesthetic field.

Why the name Nexus?

Nexus means the connection between 2 things. We want to be that connection between you and better skin, or a better version of yourself, or beauty.

The Gold X logo represents a collaboration, a connection, and one arm is an S – for Dr Samantha.

The leaves on the X in nexus symbolise spring, and with the season of spring we think of blossoming and awakening.

Our Values

Dr Samantha and her team strive to provide professional medical aesthetic advice and deliver efficacious treatments in a comfortable, safe and friendly environment.