Dr Samantha’s Signature Glow Booster

Dr Samantha’s Signature Glow Booster combines Salmon PDRN Healer, skinboosters and other goodness to improve skin texture, tone and quality. The result? Brighter, smoother, more glowy and fairer skin. This cocktail blend is injected manually into the skin.

What makes it different from other skin boosters?

Dr Samantha spent years trying various combinations of products in varying concentrations to finally achieve what she feels is the right balance for effective, consistent results.

Is it painful?

Dr Samantha has her own technique for application of numbing cream as well as oral analgesia, this helps to keep pain to a minimal for the patient.

Who is suitable?

Everyone can benefit from this treatment.

Dr Samantha’s Signature Glow Booster

What is the treatment regimen?

Once a month for 3 months, followed by maintenance every 4-6 months.

Is there downtime?

There will be temporary bumps all over the face, which usually subside within 1-5 days.

Other risks include bleeding, bruising, needle marks, generally there is minimal downtime and this varies from individual, and lasts anywhere between 1-7 days.

Dr Samantha’s Signature Glow Booster