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Signature Booster

Dr Samantha Signature Booster

A combination of Salmon PDRN skinboosters, vitamins and minerals to repair, anti-age, stimulate collagen and for glowing, fair skin.

Pico Resurfacing Laser

The most powerful medical laser technology to break down pigmentation, lighten and even overall skin tone, reduce acne scars, stimulate collagen and improve skin texture/quality.


Salmon PDRN Glow Booster facial

With salmon PDRN, hyaluronic acid, tranexamic acid and glutathione amongst other nutrients reduce pigmentation, improve acne scars, and for skin rejuvenation to achieve brighter, smoother, and better skin.

Fat freezing with Coolshaping2

Destroys stubborn fat cells (lipocytes) which will be eliminated from the body over time.

Dr Samantha Signature Eye Booster

Similar to the Dr Samantha Signature Booster but with ratio of the actives that have been specifically altered for the eye area to reduce fine lines, increase dermal thickness and stimulate collagen, reduce dark circles and puffiness to achieve brighter, less tired and younger-looking eyes.

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